Online Live Trader

Online Live Trader is a high performance mini trading application available to all subscribers of live prices. Online Live Trader requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Launch Online Live Trader1

  • If you can see the text in the button below, your JRE is correctly installed and functional.

Your browser current does not support JAVA please down the latest JRE

  • If you do not see the text in the button above, scroll down for further instructions.
  • If your login fails you are not registered for live prices.

Further Instructions

Online Live Trader has been developed as a Java Applet and is therefore compatible with a wide variety of computer platforms. This includes Linux and any other operating system that can host the JRE. Online Live Trader provides full watchlist and order routing facilities, all available in real-time.

  • If you have the JRE installed, the Online Live Trader button will be visible above.
  • If you do not see the text in the button above, please click here for installation instructions to install the JRE.
  • Once you have started the Online Live Trader click on the "Main" menu option and select the "Connect" option and type in your psg-online username and password.
  • To add a watchlist click on the button and give your watchlist a name. We allow a maximum of 3 watch lists
  • To add a share to your watchlist click on the  button.